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Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service


Wildfire training

Our wildfire training helps keep people safer and better equipped to respond to wildfires. 

Wildfire Training Courses

We have been delivering Wildfire training courses in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Denmark for more than ten years. Our instructors have gained significant knowledge and experience from working with partners in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Slovak Republic, the USA, and South Africa. 
We design and deliver high quality wildfire training for fire and rescue personnel working at all levels. We also deliver wildfire training for people working in land management and conservation sectors. 

Our standard courses include: 

  • 1-day wildfire awareness course  

  • 2-day wildfire operations course  

  • 3-day wildfire operations course with outdoor exercise 

  • 5-day advanced wildfire suppression and wildfire incident management course (held in Northumberland) 

We can also develop bespoke courses to meet your specific needs.

Which topics do you cover during your wildfire training courses?

  • wildfire terminology 

  • understanding wildfire behaviour and the wildfire environment 

  • predicting wildfire spread and fire intensity 

  • how to maintain situational awareness

  • identifying risks at wildfire incidents

  • how to manage risks at wildfires using specific safety protocols

  • wildfire suppression tactics 

  • incident command and management at wildfire incidents  

  • opportunities and risks of suppressing wildfires at night 

  • multi-agency working at wildfire incidents 

  • use of aerial assets at wildfires 

  • developing a tactical plan for a wildfire 

  • briefing others on the tactical plan for a wildfire 

We also teach valuable transferable skills, including:

  • map reading

  • navigation

  • navigation at night

A coal fire slowly dying out. Image by Almos Bechtold

Is there a proven track record for the training?

Yes, there definitely is!  


We have been designing and delivering high quality wildfire training courses since 2009. Our Wildfire Trainers are highly trained and experienced, attending wildfire incidents in Northumberland and around the UK and building these experiences into the training delivery. We have provided tactical advice at some of the largest and most complex wildfire incidents in the UK and regularly provide guidance on wildfire issues to other fire and rescue services and organisations.  


We have worked hard to earn our position as one of the UK’s leading fire and rescue services for wildfire training and operational policy development. 


Course format

We have developed a training model which has proven successful in multiple countries. The success of our courses is down to the style and variety of our teaching methods, including: 


  • theoretical classroom sessions 

  • discussion of real-life case studies 

  • tabletop exercises to confirm understanding 

  • practical sessions in the field (e.g. field skills and map reading skills) 


During our five-day courses, we invite guest speakers who work outside of the fire and rescue sector to lead short sessions. They provide valuable insights on wildfires from the point of view of other stakeholders. 

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