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Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

Service Plan and Strategies

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Our Service Plan

Why do we Produce a Community Risk Management Plan?

The National Framework for England (2018) outlines five priorities for every fire and rescue authority. These are to:

  • make appropriate provision for fire prevention and protection activities and response to fire and rescue related incidents;

  • identify and asses the full range of foreseeable fire and rescue related risks their areas face;

  • collaborate with emergency services and other local and national partners to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the service they provide;

  • be accountable to communities for the service they provide; and

  • develop and maintain a workforce that is professional, resilient, skilled, flexible, and diverse.

We are required to capture all of this in a plan, which we will share with our communities. This plan was formerly known as a Fire and Rescue (or Integrated Risk Management) Plan - we now call this our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP). We feel this is more inclusive, and greater reflects changing risks such as Northumberland's increasingly ageing and vulnerable population, climate change and significant weather events, and exceptional incidents such as pandemics which may occur infrequently but can have devastating impacts. 

What stages are involved in producing the plan?


There are a number of key stages involved in producing the plan, including:

  • identifying our existing risks

  • evaluating how well we deal with these risks

  • identifying opportunities for improvement

  • determining policies and standards

  • determining resources

  • consulting with the public

Our Strategies  


Policy, Risk & Performance

The Policy, Risk & Performance department provides data, analysis and risk modelling to assist in the identification of risk, to direct policy development and to inform the delivery of organisation programmes and projects.


Find out more about our approach to Policy, Risk & Performance by clicking here.




We work with Northumberland County Council, partner agencies and the community to reduce risk, find out more about how we protect the communities of Northumberland by clicking here. 




We work closely with businesses across Northumberland to help them understand and comply with fire safety legislation.  Find out more about how we protect by clicking here. 




Our Community Risk and Response is always ready to respond the needs of the community.  Find out more about how we respond by clicking here. 

Our Annual Performance Report

We have developed a Performance and Assurance Framework to help us measure how we are delivering against our Community Risk Management Plan. We will produce an annual performance report to share our progress with you.

Please click here to view our current Annual Performance Report


Our Fire and Rescue Service Statement

The delivery of the service statement is managed further through department and station plans. It provides us with our strategic aims and priorities as part of Northumberland County Council.

Please click here to view our current service statement

Our Fire and Rescue Annual Statement of Assurance

As well as providing an excellent service, our communities also expect to know how we provide our services.

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service has produced an annual Statement of Assurance for our communities to access an overview of our performance.

NFRS Statement of Assurance 2021-22

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