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Guest Accommodation

Are you someone who has a guest accommodation? 

Any flat, house, cottage, out-house, caravan (or other space) you rent out to others on a short-term arrangement or for a holiday is covered under the Fire Safety Order. This includes anything advertised on rental applications and websites, such as Airbnb.

Fire safety law applies if anyone pays to stay in your property, other than to live there as a permanent home. Your risk assessment is fundamental to Fire Safety Law, meaning you have to do it!

The Fire Safety Order makes you responsible for taking steps to protect all relevant people using your premises from the risk of fire.

What should you know about your Risk Assessment?

The purpose of your fire risk assessment is to identify hazards, prevent incidents, and protect life and property.

You should consider all occupiers, not forgetting about old, young, and disabled people, all of whom might need alternative accommodations. 

The Fire Safety Risk Assessment - Sleeping Accommodation will guide you and help you with your fire risk assessment, and is specific to your guest accommodation.

Fire Alarm Requirements 

You are required to have interlinked mains powered fire alarms with tamper proof batteries. These are required in hallways, corridors, staircases, lounges, dining rooms, and all bedrooms.

Heat detectors are more suitable than smoke alarms where false alarms may occur, such as in the kitchen or laundry.

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