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Our new generation of firefighters

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service train new generation of firefighters.

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service is set to welcome and train the next generation of the county’s firefighters.

Twelve new recruits are about to start their rigorous training at West Hartford Fire Station, this is only the second time in forty years that whole time firefighters have been trained in-house by the service.

Although the service regularly trains on-call firefighters - historically their wholetime firefighters have been trained at other fire and rescue services across England and at the old Scottish Fire Services Training School, Gullane since 1980.

Group Manager for Learning and Development Gary McMorran said: "We have an incredible amount of expertise in the fire service and fantastic facilities. This is a huge accolade and seeks to demonstrate the excellence and quality we deliver.

“This is also a very proud moment for the service and for the Learning and Development Department and we are grateful to Northumberland County Council for supporting this opportunity.”

The course will run over eight weeks where the new recruits will learn about equipment and procedures relevant to the risks in Northumberland. As well as firefighting, training will cover road traffic collisions, chemical incidents and water rescues. This will provide the trainees with the essential skills and knowledge when they are at their assigned stations.

Group Manager McMorran added: “The extremely modern facilities we have in Northumberland are perfect for the delivery of such courses, supported by our dedicated and fully qualified training staff.”

Northumberland Fire Authority Chair Councillor Horncastle said: "I wish all of the new recruits the best of luck in their new careers. They have already shown us they have the skills and commitment to succeed and I know through their training they will quickly learn what makes being a firefighter one of the most rewarding paths you can choose to take in your professional life.”


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