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Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

Outdoor safety.

Just 10 seconds of carelessness can cause fires that take 10 hours or more to put out, and decades to regrow. Take care outside and help us to prevent fires.

If you see a fire outside...

Do not attempt to take on the fire - dial 999 immediately

Help us find the fire by providing a map reference or a landmark

Help us by estimating the size of the area that is burning

Describe the terrain.

Help us by describing the terrain

Evacuate the area as soon as possible

Keep yourself, your family and your friends safe when you use a barbecue by following these simple steps:



  • ensure the barbecue is placed on a flat surface, at least 10 metres away from building, fences, trees and shrubs

  • keep water nearby in case of an emergency

  • in the countryside, please use designated areas only and do not use a barbecue if you see an extreme fire risk notice

  • keep children, pets and games away from the cooking area



  • light a barbecue indoors

  • leave a barbecue unattended

  • use petrol or paraffin to start/revive a barbecue

  • move a barbecue into a caravan or tent

  • move a hot barbecue – ensure it is cool before moving it

A open fire barbeque with meat cooking on the side
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