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A firefighter taking off their mask after a job
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Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

Making a difference across Northumberland.

Find our about our service and how we make a difference to the communities of Northumberland.

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Fire and rescue in Northumberland

We provide fire and rescue cover to the county of Northumberland with the long-term aim of improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of those who live, work and visit Northumberland.

Central to this is the prevention of fires and other emergencies, with a result of reducing death, injury and damage to property.


The fire and rescue service area covers 5,026 square kilometres (1,941 square miles) with a population of 316,028 people.

The service covers 148,008 residential dwellings and 11,687 non-domestic properties. To make Northumberland safer, we have 15 local fire stations.

Firefighters tackling a house fire at a property in Blyth using the fire engines

Tackling property fires

Firefighters and police responding to a road traffic collision. Everone is working together.

Road traffic collisions

Firefighters tackling a grass fire at Simonside

Grass and farmland fires

A firefighter fighting a unkown fire at a factory

Chemical spills

Firefighters tackling a fire at a home

Fires - buildings, vehicles and wildfires

Firefighters and police working together at a road traffic collision

Road traffic collisions

A firefighter fights an unknown fire at a factory

Chemical and biological radiations, and nuclear incidents

A labrador adult dog. Image by Taylor Deas-Melesh

Animal rescues

Firefighters in a inflatable boat travel across the water to pick someone up

Flood and storm damage

Three firefighters giving a speech to a class of students

Delivering community fire safety

and much more!

Firefighters responding to a overturned car on some rocks with lots of equipement

Swift water, mud, and ice rescue

Firefighters in a inflatable boat travel across the water to pick someone up during a flood


A large wild fire at Simonside forest

Major incidents

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