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Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

Support Staff and

Who Works For Us?

Behind the front-line firefighters is a team of dedicated support staff keeping vital services running smoothly. We currently employ support staff in the following roles:​

Human resources

Community protection





Fire investigation



Fire Control

Our Fire Control is responsible for: 

  • handling all emergency calls and non emergency calls  

  • determining correct resources  

  • mobilising and providing all back-up assistance 


In addition it is responsible for maintaining operational cover to ensure fire appliances are always strategically deployed to meet the standards of fire cover. 

Fire Control Operators handle over 7000 emergency calls per year, ensuring that crews, officers, fire engines and equipment are dispatched to where they're needed. 
Fire Control Operators need to be effective, confident communicators, remaining calm under pressure. They stay on the phone, assessing the risks posed to the caller and giving fire survival advice in what can be very stressful, life-threatening situations. 


They also perform a vital role, communicating between crews attending incidents and other emergency services and authorities who need to attend - such as the Environment Agency, other fire and rescues, police, and ambulance. 

They are encouraged to identify possible malicious false alarm calls. These are not just a nuisance, they can be life-threatening because crews attending these false alarms will be unavailable should a genuine incident occur at the same time.

Volunteering with Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

We could always use an extra pair of hands to help us out. If you fancy an insight into the fire service and want to help make a difference in the community then why not volunteer with us and join our #FireFamily   

To find our more about becoming a volunteer, please email  

Alternatively, you can click on the link below to complete our online form.

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