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Freedom of Information

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The Freedom of Information Act allows anyone to request any non personal information which is held by the Council.  This is otherwise known as a Freedom of Information Request (FOI).   Under the Environmental Information Regulations you can request environmental information held by the Council, otherwise known as an Environmental Information Regulations Request (EIR).  Environmental information includes such things as information about the air, soil, water and other elements, as well as things such as noise emissions, pollution and buildings.


To make an FOI or EIR request, you can do so using our FOI and EIR Request Form.


To make a request we require some information from you:


  • A brief description of the information you are looking to access, and

  • Your full name and contact details


We would encourage you to check our FOI and EIR Disclosure Log before submitting a request as the information you seek may already be available.


Please note that you cannot access personal data via an FOI or EIR request. You must submit a Subject Access Request to access personal data.

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